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Let Scheduling Systems Group guide you through the workforce management maze to maximize your efficiency and service levels.

WFM Assessment
Are you curious to find out how your current staff efficiency and service levels stack up against your peers? We can take a quick and low cost look with minimal work required on your side. Learn more about Workforce Management Assessments
WFM Best Practices
We designed our comprehensive and participative WFM best practice services to help you maximize your existing WFM program or help you install a new one.
Learn more about Workforce Management Best Practices
WFM Sales
Some of our clients want to license the WFM software after we have completed our WFM Assessment. Because of our relationship with Verint, we can arrange for you to either license the software or have Verint host it for you.
Learn more about Workforce Management Software Sales
Time and Motion Studies
Depending on need and budget, we'll guide you through one of two ways to identify the various work tasks for each position you want studied, measure how long they take, and how often they occur.
Learn more about Time and Motion Studies

Workforce management (WFM) is critical to your service and efficiency well being.

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Why? Because the cost of labor remains your single largest operating expense. Isn’t it ironic that while the banking community is in the money business and use elaborate systems and safe guards to manage it, most of you do not have any system(s) in place to manage your largest non interest expense?

Since 1988, Scheduling Systems Group, (SSG) has met with, consulted with, and sold to hundreds of banks and credit unions of all sizes. We are uniquely qualified to help you right size your staff levels by offering a fully customized and affordable way to measure current scheduling effectiveness while identifying specific cost savings and service enhancements on your teller line, sales platform, call center, and back office.

Who We Are

Scheduling Systems Group (SSG) has almost 30 years experience helping financial service organizations of all sizes improve bank staffing efficiency and service levels. Our goal is to continue building an advisory firm that is legendary for the value we bring to financial services clients. SSG defines success by how well we can improve the strategies, technologies and operations of our clients – and how well this translates into improved financial performance.

SSG Approach

SSG has developed proven methodology that not only identifies service and efficiency opportunities, but also how to implement these identified improvements in a way that enhances team building and helps to ensure that these improvements will not dissipate over time. SSG has a national reputation for its “Vertical Scheduling” techniques as well as its proven ability to help clients find, retain, and manage its part time work force. We are experts in workforce management software; having developed our own proprietary model, as well as having access to the leading bank staffing model today. We are unique in our ability to marry our WFM methodology with state of the art software to deliver tailored solutions for our clients.